I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and history/research enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri. I currently work as a graphic designer at PGAV Destinations, an architecture firm downtown that does work for zoos, aquariums, family entertainment centers, theme parks, and more. As a designer there, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects that include wayfinding graphics, interior design, animal exhibits, branding, and more. I've had the opportunity to work with clients ranging from Anheuser-Busch InBev Breweries, SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, South Carolina Aquarium, and many more. Though my background is in traditional graphic design and illustration, I am thoroughly enjoying working on a larger scale and at an experiential level. I also serve as the Design for Good co-chair of the AIGA Saint Louis Board, where my co-chair and I have recently launched a podcast called STL by Design, which seeks to highlight organizations, people, and movements in St. Louis that are at the intersection of creativity and positive impact. . I also serve as a Diversity and Inclusion Chapter representative for AIGA National, and have been working to make sure that our local chapter is embracing the importance of diversity and inclusion in design and in our community.

I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2015 with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in art history. While in school I took a variety of different graphic design and illustration classes that challenged me to think about my work in different ways both technically and conceptually. Throughout my career, I’ve focused primarily on print with an interest in creating illustrative, clean and colorful designs. I have also enjoyed creating detail and pattern driven illustrations that have an emphasis on concept. I’ve been lucky enough to work with several clients including 3M, The Clinton Foundation, Camp Harborview, Crossroads College Preparatory School, AidenLab, Redux Eyewear, ThirftyHipster, Fox Springs Lodge, and others. I’ve also enjoyed working at a variety of different companies and organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Cheree Berry Paper, and the Modern Graphic History Library at Washington University Saint Louis.

In my spare time I enjoy watching documentaries, reading autobiographies, taking Chinese language classes, learning about a variety of different topics ranging from fairy tales to European monarchies, and doing a little bit of creative writing. I love trying to incorporate everything I learn from my hobbies into my design and illustration, and I look forward to seeing where my curiosity and love of graphics take me in the future. 


  • 2 pieces accepted into the Society of Illustrators West 53 Competition (2015)

  • 1 piece in the semifinals of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2013)

  • Travelers, Inc Scholarship (2014)

  • Friends of MCAD Scholarship (2012-2014)

  • NOW Scholarship (2013-14)

  • Gunkelman Benson Merit Award (2014-2015)




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